Daniele Dori was born in Siena in 1987. He studied at the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music in Rome (Baccalaureate and Specialist License in Organ, Baccalaureate in Composition), Conservatory "F. Vittadini” of Pavia (degree in Piano) and the Conservatory “L. Cherubini” in Florence (master degree in Composition).

He studied with renowned professors including G. Parodi, T. Flury, W. Marzilli, V. Miserachs Grau, I. Bianchi, O. Latry, L. Lohmann, G. Gnann, L. Scandali, G. Bovet , A. Turini, R. Becheri.

In November 2012 he was appointed by the Opera of Santa Maria del Fiore "First Titular Organist of the Cathedral of Florence" and Organist of the Musical Chapel of the Cathedral of Florence; moreover, in addition to being a musical teacher for the singers, since May 2016, he has been a teacher of the “Pueri Cantores”, the Cathedral's children's choir.

He carries out a brilliant and intense concert activity, with more than 200 concerts in the most important festivals in Italy, France, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Cyprus, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland.

In addition to being a solo organist, he frequently collaborates with important soloists such as Andrea Bocelli, Ruben Simeo, Luca Benucci, Eric Terwilliger, Zoltan Kiss and with important musical institutions such as Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, Guido d'Arezzo Foundation, Domenico Bartolucci Foundation, Ort Orchestra Regionale Toscana .

In November 2015 he was the Organist of the National Ecclesial Convention "Florence 2015" playing during the visit of Pope Francis to the city of Florence, both in the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore and during the Eucharistic Celebration broadcast live on RaiUno and the Center Vatican Television at the “A. Franchi "together with the Orchestra and Chorus of the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino.

As organist of the Cathedral of Florence, he was a member of the artistic commission for the restoration and expansion of the monumental Mascioni organ opus 805 of the Cathedral of Florence, playing during the inauguration concert on 8 December 2017 together with O. Latry and the Orchestra of the Cameristi of the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino.

He is the artistic director of the "Harmonia Sæculi" International Organ Festival in Radda in Chianti.

As a composer he has active vocal and instrumental works including: "Il Fiore di Maria", cantata for the
Florence Cathedral for solos, choir, organ and orchestra and “Concerto” for Organ and Orchestra; the latter was performed on 27 September 2015 at the Sala del Buonumore in Florence.

Since September 2012 he has been director of the San Niccolò Choral in Radda in Chianti (SI) and since October 2017 he has been the director of the Santa Cecilia Choral in Loro Ciuffenna (AR).

He is a member of the Board of Directors of the "Associazione Italiana Santa Cecilia".

He is professor of Organ, Solfeggio, Piano, Harmony and Choral Singing at the Valdarnese Music Academy and at the Diocesan Institute of Sacred Music in Fiesole.

Since October 2015 he is professor of Theory and Solfeggio and since November 2020 of Organ at the "Scuola di Musica di Fiesole"

From 2019 to 2021 he was professor of Organ at the Conservatory of Music "Giuseppe Martucci" in Salerno; from the academic year 2021-2022 he is professor of Theory, Rhythmics and Musical Perception at the Conservatory of Music "Arrigo Boito" in Parma.